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Interview with Jean Austin

On the first day of the Mozilla festival we met up with Jean Austin an international representative of Mozilla in the Philippines    


MozFest Day 1

Day 1 of the Mozilla Festival summed up in this fun quick video.


#MozFest 2012!!

On behalf of the #MozStories team here at Ravensbourne College, welcome to #MozFest 2012! We’ll be covering the entire event with interviews, livestream events, social media interaction, blogs, and much…


What is Mozilla Popcorn

Popcorn is a Mozilla project to make video work more “like the web.” It aims to transform video on the internet. Popcorn is HTML5 media framework written in javascript for…


Source Code Journalism

  The knight-mozilla open news project team has provided journalists everywhere with a lot of motivation to start coding with the launch of its journalism code sharing site. The site…


Last years #MozFest !!

Take a look at what went down in last years #MozFest !! This year is set to be even better so make sure you book your tickets before its too…