The Crew

Meet the MozStories team:

Marco Dipilla

Hey, I’m Marco and I am currently studying Web Media at Ravensbourne University. I have an extreme interest in Web business and social media. I am currently part of the team MozStories. We will be covering many themes of MozFest, all of which will be reported via the website and social media. To ask questions related with the festival just click on the ‘Get in Touch’ page. You can also get in contact with me via my twitter.

Jan Reyes

Hi, I’m Jan currently studying Web Media at Ravensbourne University. An East London resident, which means I’m not too far from the uni. I’m hoping this course will give me an in depth insight into the world of websites and digital media. Fingers crossed attaining a career in web design/management or app creations. I am the Editor of the site which means I publish, manage posts and manage pages. Hope you enjoy the page!

Matt Goodwill

Hello guys! Our team will be with you throughout the Mozilla Festival at Ravensbourne College in London providing you with blogs, images and video from the event. On a personal level, I am extremely interested in Social Media, Web and Film. My role within the team is to communicate with guests of the festival through social media, making sure they have an awesome time and helping them out with any¬†queries. I will also be filming and editing our video content. To contact our team please use the “Get In Touch” tab at the top of the page, tweet us or contact me directly via Twitter. Thank you!

Penny Opiah

Welcome to Mozstories, my name is Penny or Penelope i am a student at ravensbourne studying Web media. I am hoping this course will help me grow in the web/management field. I am the publisher of this site. I hope this website gives you the information you need for the mozillla festival!

Maria Vanessa dela Cruz

Hey Guys, welcome to our page! I’m Vanesssa one of the Moz Stories crew. I am currently studying Web Media at Ravensbourne University. By taking up Web Media I am hoping to learn more about the Web media world and have a wider knowledge of the Digital Media industry. I am the graphic designer of this site. Make sure to check out the latest news about the Mozilla Festival. Enjoy the site guys!


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