What’s Zeega?


“Welcome to Zeega!

The Internet is a wild place. We like that. Too often, though, it’s overwhelming. And full of too many choices. Little by little, we want to help remake the Internet. To make it a more beautiful place. To make the web’s wilds accessible to anyone for new forms of creative expression. Zeega is a community of makers passionate about creating immersive experiences that combine original content with media from across the web.”

Zeega is an open-source HTML-5 platform designed to make documentaries interactive and creating modern forms of storytelling. Zeega interprets multimedia products to be produced as one huge collaborative project. You can use sites such as Google, Facebook or Flickr to add media to your Zeega project using the Zeega bookmark.

I got to use the BETA of Zeega during one of the talks. Here’s a quick project I started using Zeega.